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Euroquiz Resources


We have a number of practice quizzes available that you can either print for your students, or complete online. Quizzes and answers are found below.

To try an easy quiz, click here, or access the PDF version. You can find the answers to this quiz here .

To try a medium level quiz, click here, or access the PDF version. You can find the answers to this quiz here .

To try a hard quiz, click here, or access the PDF version. You can find the answers here .


Click on the following publications to access them online, or for hard copies (free of charge) please contact Veronica Mihai, of the European Commission Office in Scotland: or phone: 0131 225 2058.

Passport to the European Union - Providing light-hearted insights into each European country, facts about countries, quizzes, games to learn the flags, currencies and monuments of each of the 28 EU countries. You can access more about this resource here.

Let’s Explore Europe! - This is aimed at 9-12 year olds and gives a clear overview of Europe and the EU. This resource includes information about important people and places, provides facts about European history and geography, and explains what the EU is. This is also available in other European languages. You can access more about this resource here.

Languages Take You Further - Introduces children to all the languages spoken in the EU. For the Euroquiz Heats please focus on the French, German, Spanish and Italian pages. You can access more about this resource here.

The Mystery of the Golden Stars - This story book resource allows children to discover something about what the EU is; how it works and how it may be relevant to them, in a fun and stimulating way. The activities take a cross-curricular approach, including six different links to the curriculum (Geography, Maths, History, English, Science and Design & Technology). Each activity is prefaced by a chapter from the story book, as an introduction to the task.

All U Need is Space - The European Commission, European Space Agency and several national programmes are developing more and more space applications that can be used in our daily lives. You’ll find many examples in this comic by joining Elena and her family and friends in their activities in the course of a ‘normal’ day. Follow Elena and enjoy the trip!

The Flight of the Cranes - Nature watch – the flight of the cranes is a publication from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, designed to educate and entertain children aged 7-11. This publication offers fascinating facts about Europe’s bird migration, biodiversity, plus ideas for what children can do themselves to protect the natural environment. It also features a ‘story book’ built around children’s own observations which invites young readers to make their own contributions.


These resources are recommended for those preparing for Euroquiz events. Hard copies of some materials can be ordered free of charge and will be delivered direct to your school. Alternatively, many materials are now available online.

The European Parliament Office in Edinburgh invites you to consult its online resources and browse its website for relevant information.

The European Parliament 'What's that?' Pack is available to read online, download or print out.

You can find out who represents you in Europe by checking out these MEP photosheets

You can also have a look at this interactive map of Europe or print one out here.

Further educational European Parliament resources can be consulted here.

Teacher’s guides to using these resources are also available online. You can find more fact sheets and online resources for this age group here.

We would also recommend you look at the EU Kids’ Corner website which has a number of games and puzzles for children to learn more about the EU. There is also a Teachers' Corner, with teaching materials for all age groups.

Europe Direct Information Centre (Aberdeen) Resources:

Click on the following publications to access them online. These publications are also available in hardcopy while stocks last. Please contact to request a hard copy.

Achieving Gender Equality in Scotland, Europe and the Rest of the World (2016) - This resource was produced in partnership with Montgomery Development Education Centre (MDEC). It explores the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a particular focus on SDG 5 Achieving Gender Equality. Designed for use in upper primary school and lower secondary school it contains background information on policies and multiple activities for incorporating into lesson plans.

Finding a Safe Home; Refugees' Journeys to Scotland (2016) - This book explores the Refugee Crisis at a local, national and European level. Through facts and real life stories you will be able to explore the difference between refugees and economic migrants, how many refugees are arriving in Scotland, how communities are assisting and welcoming newcomers, the plight of women and children and the EU effort to mitigate the crisis.


You can test yourself before the quiz with these sample questions.

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