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European Resources for Primary Schools

Fun Stuff for Kids

EU Commission & EU Parliament Sites

Click on the balloon to explore fun quizzes and games:

Learn about all the different EU countries here

Check out this timeline to see how the EU has developed.

Sail away on a pirate adventure to learn more about the Euro.

Click here for a description of what the European Parliament does.

Did you know, the EU Parliament has an online TV channel dedicated to young people? Here you can get to grips with how it all works, get to know your MEPs and even watch debates live!


Teaching Resources for Primary School Staff

European Commission Sites

- Who's who in the EU? Find a guide to the 2014-2019 European Comission here.

- In the EU Teachers Corner you can find useful teaching materials for all age groups.

EU Publications-Hard Copies of Teaching Materials to Order

- Did you know you can order wall charts and up to 100 copies of many EU publications free of charge? A full list of the publications we recommend, with links to online versions, can be found on our Euroquiz Resources page, under 'Online Resources'.

- There is also a Europe Direct Centre in Aberdeen which schools can also contact for more information and for publications.

*Please note that since Croatia joined the EU in 2013 there are now 28 member states. Some resources are still in the process of being updated and may contain information which is out of date. While we aim to keep our own website and materials up to date, links do change frequently and the Scottish European Educational Trust cannot take responsibility for the content of external websites.